Sunday, 26 April 2015

Further playing with lights

I have become obsessed with tea lights. After I made the flickering fires I bought a set of eight tea lights that are better than the ones I got from Poundland, because they are easier to switch on: just turn the base. They are also smaller. And they don't flicker. I don't want flickering light in my table and ceiling lamps.

Small as they are, they need to be hidden, to filter the light and make it even and smooth. I have seen various models that people in my facebook groups have made, and while I was looking for something to use as shades I came up with this idea:


I have at least a dosen thimbles from charity shops; they are thin porcelain with delicate floral painting, and it's perfect if I can think of a way to disguise the base because the way it is, it does not look natural. However, to test it, I put the eight lights, with thimble shades, all over the house.

It looks rather boring, but I can have a couple perhaps. Then I tried to make table lamps.

For the first, I took a miniature copper candlestick (made from old copper coins) and constructed a shade from a bit of handmade paper. I must admit that I hadn't made this particular paper, although papermaking is another hobby of mine. For the second lamp, I took another mini-candlestick and a piece of self-adhesive border, which I believe is used for scrapbooking. 

I also tested putting a light into a crystal chandelier. This chandelier needs mending, but you get the idea. 

It was easy to white-tack a light into a chandelier in the drawing room, although I am not yet sure how I will fix it permanently. 

The music room chandelier is the very first I made, many years ago. I feel moved when I look at these old pictures. I couldn't in my wildest dream imagine that it would one day look like this: 


It's very difficult to take a good picture of lights, but the table light is in the corner, there is a light in the chandelier, and a flickering fire in the fireplace.The house becomes alive with lights. 

This is what it looks like through the front window.


And this is just the beginning. At the moment, I have to switch on each light individually and manually. I have seen that you can get these lights with remote control.

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  1. What a good solution for lightning problems! You've found a lot of ways to hide the tealights.