Friday, 22 December 2017

Step by step: guest bedroom

As promised in the previous post, I am resuming the grand tour of Womble Hall, including quarters normally omitted from tourist routes, but you, my dear reader, are privileged to see every corner.

I continue with the attic, where almost a year ago I stopped in the servant room. The right-hand door leads to guest bedroom. This is of course profoundly wrong because guests would not have to go through servant room, but this was the only solution other than skip guest bedroom altogether, and that I didn't want.

Unlike most rooms in Womble Hall, the guest bedroom does not go back to my first house in a bookcase. There was no space for two bedrooms, and I would probably not have a guest bedroom if I hadn't made the Chippendale bed. It went into my small Georgian house that I made entirely to display some Chippendale miniatures and that was then given away when I started Womble Hall. But I then had a dilemma, since I had two four-poster beds, one beautiful Chippendale and the old bed which was my very, very old miniature made almost exactly ten years ago. Of course I could not discard it, therefore I have two beds and two bedrooms. (A real house of this proportion would probably have ten bedrooms, but I pretend they are all in the back, behind rear corridors).

Anyway, when I started planning Womble Hall, I of course considered various options for where the guest bedroom could be, but given all other rooms I wanted there really wasn't another reasonable place, therefore in the earliest test, the guest bedroom is already where it is now. However, it took a long time before I got down to this room. I did test flooring just to have something rather than just bare primed surface, but I didn't do any further work on this room until many months later. If you haven't read my blog before: I decorated as much as possible on flat surfaces, before I assembled the shell. So the walls already had wallpaper - a printie - so all I needed to do was skirting. And as you see, the floor has changed.

About a year after I started, the attic was more or less finished.  Some months later we did the lights, and it made a huge difference. Then I added ceilings. And that's it.

What I haven't done in this room is hardwood floors. It is still paper, rather elaborate, but still paper. Eventually I will need to make proper floors because they look so much better. But this is exactly why a dollhouse project is never really finished.

I like this room, and I think the guests find it warm and cozy. Would you like to come and stay overnight in this room?

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