Saturday, 6 February 2016

Adam ceiling: nursery and servants' room

I haven't been completely idle, miniature-wise, all this time, but I have been making more Chippendale furniture, and I will show it later. Meanwhile, I have made two more Adam ceilings. If you haven't seen my Adam ceilings, have a look at dining room, the gentlemen's smoking room, the drawing room, the grand hall, the upper hall, corridor and guest bedroom.

I will not show all steps because I have shown them before, but as a reminder: I had to tear down the existing mouldings - luckily, they are paper - measure the ceiling paper, glue it on and then add new mouldings. There was not much challenge in the two attic rooms because they have plain, rectangular ceilings. Here is the nursery:

And here is the servants' room:

It's unlikely that the master would have Adam ceilings in such insignificant rooms, but let's pretend he really likes to show off, in case a guest might wish to visit.

Now all ceilings are done. It has been a lot of work, but surely worth it.

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