Sunday, 17 January 2016

Adam ceiling: corridor and guest bedroom

Today I made two more ceilings. If you haven't seen my Adam ceilings, here is the dining room, the gentlemen's smoking room, the drawing room, the grand hall and the upper hall.

The corridor is a bit complicated since there is a stairwell, therefore I needed to cut out a bit. Apart from that, it's a small ceiling, and there is no ceiling light, but now I will be able to add it, with less trouble than with the other ceilings. I haven't yet decided what light I want here, which is why I hadn't done it before.

The second ceiling was even easier. The attic rooms are small, the ceilings are rectangular without any details, so it was simply cut a suitable piece and glue on. For both ceilings, I had to remove the old cornices and add new after the ceiling was in place.

I have two rooms left, nursery and servants' room. I also have the master bedroom where I have a nice ceiling that I can perhaps just add some cut-outs for.

I don't think I will have Adam ceilings in the basement because it will imply moving the main building.

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  1. The rooms are looking so lush and rich. It was an inspired moment when you decided to do Adam ceilings.