Monday, 4 November 2013

Helen Hall, part 3

For the previous instalment, see here.

I didn't take any step-by-step pictures of the first-floor decoration because it was pretty straighforward. I had practiced on the ground floor so I could avoid some mistakes. I knew, for instance, that I had to paint skirtings and cornices before I put in wallpaper (obvious, isn't it?). I started with the study, which has a door onto the balcony.

The flooring is complicated since there is a stairwell, and everything needs to be in place on the ground floor before I can do anything here.

Then I did the bedroom, which has four windows and a door onto the terrace. The blue curtains would be better here, but there are two sets of blue and four of pink. I may eventually make complete new curtains, but for the time beings this is it. The floor is for once a sheet from a shop.

Here are the two rooms together:

Then I put on the ceiling - tentatively, since there is more work to do before it can be fixed. But it gives a better sence of space.

And both floors, with some furniture:

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