Friday, 27 September 2013

Playing with light

More than half a year ago I finished  a very special room box representing a painting. Already then I considered putting in strong light in the box, to imitate the "Vermeer-effect" of the painting. It is a bit too much work to have a transformer and wiring for a single room box, and fortunately these days there are led lights. However, a dollhouse led light is by far too dim to light up a room box. In fact, I was, after first euphoria, rather disappointed by dollhouse led lights. They can be used in addition to conventional lighting, but not on their own. I can write a separate post about it.

For my room box, however, I needed a strong light, and I saw how wonderful it might become by putting in my mobile phone with a flashlight app.

Now I have finally bought and fixed a smart-touch kitchen spotlight. My clever son, who knows all about lighting in photography and film, told me to use baking paper as a filter to make the light softer. And here is the result. I think it is stunning.

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